Pastorelli Monochromatic Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon, 6.20m, Green, Style: 01484

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Pastorelli Monochromatic Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon, Green, Style: 01484


Pastorelli's Monochromatic rhythmic gymnastic ribbons combine traditional artesian weaving methods with the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship to create ribbons which silently deliver smooth, gravity defying performances while redefining the essence of lightness, strength and beauty.

From intense optical white, to a wide range of extremely bright colors, threads are specially selected to match strength with the  precisely calculated weight of 37 grams (only one gram more than the minimum required by official regulation) in order to provide the highest quality and best performing rhythmic gymnastics ribbons in the world.

6.20 meter Pastorelli ribbons are F.I.G. approved for individual athletes and Senior teams.


Color: Green

Length: 20.34' (6.20m)

Width: 1.97" (5cm)

Weight: 37 grams

Material: Polyester - Rayon


Style: 01484