GOKISPORT Nylon Glamour Gradient Rope, Fluo Yellow - Orange, Style: GS011

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GOKISPORT Nylon Glamour Gradient Rope, Fluorescent Yellow - Orange, Style: GS011


GOKISPORT Nylon Glamour Gradient Rope is designed to fit the needs of the most demanding rhythmic gymnasts and is perfectly suited for competitive rope jumping and fitness enthusiast as well. These amazing high quality ropes come in uniquely mixed neon colors and are made from 100% heavy weight nylon. -Which makes them a perfect choice for high intensity trainings and creating incredible routines.

All GOKISPORT ropes are made according to F.I.G. (Federation Internationale de Gymnastique) requirements.


Color: Fluorescent Yellow - Orange

Weight of 3m rope: 6 oz (170g)

Diameter: 3/8" (9 - 9.5mm)

Length: 118" (3m)

Style: GS011