GOKISPORT Nylon Elite Gradient Collection, Fluo Yellow-Violet, Style: GS082

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GOKISPORT Nylon Elite Gradient Collection, Fluorescent Yellow - Violet, Style: GS082


Exclusively designed and manufactured by GOKISPORT in a beautiful array of graduated neon colors, our 100% NYLON ELITE GRADIENT COLLECTION was created from extensive research, development and real world testing. The combination of our ergonomic braid and flexible yet retentive nylon core provides a balanced weight with excellent rebound energy resulting in a rope with unsurpassed handling characteristics.


Color: Fluorescent Yellow - Violet

Weight of 3m rope: 5-6 oz (160g)

Diameter: 3/8" (9.5mm)


Child - 7.5 ft (230cm)

Child/Junior - 8.5 ft (260cm)

Junior/Senior - 9.5 ft (290cm)

Junior/Senior - 10.5 ft (320cm)


Style: GS082