Club Crystals, White made with Swarovski Crystal AB, Style: GS118

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Club Crystals made with Swarovski Elements, White Club Crystals made with Swarovski Crystal AB, Style: GS118


Designed to fit all major brands of Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs (Pastorelli, Sasaki, Chacott ... )

Now you can instantly add the dazzling, diamond-like beauty of genuine Swarovski crystals to your club routine with GOKISPORT's exclusive Club Crystals! Dozens of brilliant, genuine Swarovski crystals are ultrasonically fused to durable elastic bands which slip firmly into the recessed groove of your club's head. Once in place, GOKISPORT Club Crystals require a purposeful effort to remove and are 100% guaranteed against accidental loss during training or routines.


Available in Styles: GS117, GS118, GS381, GS382, GS383, GS384, GS385, GS386, GS387, GS388, GS389, GS390, GS391,


Also available in package of all colors, Style #GS394