48cm CLASSIC Hoops - Toddlers, Style: GS361

$ 18.95 USD

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GOKISPORT "CLASSIC" Rhythmic Gymnastic Hoops, 48cm - Toddlers, Style: GS361


Color: White

Inside diameter: 48cm (19'')


CLASSIC Hoops are crafted from a unique patented fusing process which seamlessly welds our precision weighted tubing into the highest quality and best performing rhythmic gymnastics hoops in the world. The thermally fused joint surpasses the strength of the tubing itself and results in a hoop that is strong, responsive, and engineered to be just slightly under F.I.G.'s official minimum weight requirement to allow the application of decorative tapes without adding unnecessary weight. After wrapping with one layer of decorative tape, your GOKISPORT hoop will weigh between 305 to 340 grams and meet all F.I.G. size and weight requirements.


Style: GS361