GOKISPORT Custom Hoop Designs

GOKISPORT Hoop Custom Designs

Send us a photo and description of your costume with the colors and patterns, and we will prepare an amazing hoop especially for your performance! The price depends on the difficulty of the pattern as well as the amount of colors and type of tapes used. We will provide an exact quote after we receive a photo and description of your costume. If you have any questions please contact us: goki@gokisport.com All GOKISPORT hoops are manufactured in the USA. We suggest to create Custom hoops with Prima hoops. PRIMA hoops are 100% manufactured in the USA from advanced high density tubing. Using a unique patented fusing process we are able to create a seamless joint that is actually stronger than the tubing itself. The result is a perfectly designed hoop which totally eliminates the risk associated with weak mechanical connections.

PREPARATION TIME: requires approximately 2-3 days before shipping.